From time to time individual owners have work performed by contract personnel within their units, such as tiling, wall covering, painting, etc.  Contractors engaged in such work also make use of the Association’s common elements; parking areas, driveway, lobbies, walkways and elevators.  The Board is determined to ensure that the use by contractors of these common elements does not infringe on the convenience or privacy of the homeowners at large.


Prior to any construction or alterations, the management must be notified 10 days before the construction begins and the contractor must present his license, certificate of insurance with no less than $1,000,000 coverage (subject to the discretion of the Manager),  permit, worker’s compensation and a scope of work including the time frame and a stamped, complete set of drawings.  In an emergency situation, the manager can waive this requirement.

 Work will not commence until the contractor has presented the above items and signed this agreement.

  1. All contractor/vendor vehicles will park in the designated area in the Northwest corner of the parking garage. The gate guard will inform the driver of the vehicle if there is sufficient clearance.
  2. Over-sized vehicles will park in the space immediately in front of the East side of the building if there is an open one. Otherwise park on the driveway alongside the tennis courts, but not on the grass. If parked on grass, a $50 fine for each violation will be levied by the Management.
  3. Large trucks such as moving vehicles and box trucks will be given specific parking instructions by the gate guard, concierge, maintenance or the manager. The space may vary daily depending on the day’s activity.
  4. All contractors/vendors will use the double door entry in the garage at the center of the building facing west.
  5. All contractors/vendors will use the service elevator which is marked by its own call button on each floor. Failure to use the correct elevator, or overloading the elevator, will result in a fine of $250 a day.
  6. All contractors/vendors must sign in and out at the Concierge Desk daily, upon entering the building and when leaving. There are no exceptions. Keys are not to be removed from the building at any time. Failure to sign in or out, or removal of any key from the building, will result in a fine of $250 per day. 
  7. Workers may arrive at the property at 8:00 AM; however no work entailing any noise may begin before 9:00 AM per LBK ordinance. All contractors/vendors must sign out by 4:45 PM and leave the property by 5:00 PM. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $250.
  8. All workers will wear shirts at all times while on the property.
  9. Contractors/vendors are responsible for removing debris from the property and cleaning up after themselves. A shop vac with a HEPA filter should be available at all times Any contractors/vendors using the Association trash bin shall be fined $500. Any contractors/vendors using drains shall be fined $5,000 plus the cost of repairs and any legal fees for this violation. An owner has no right to waive this rule except by the permission of the Board or its designee.  If Promenade personnel must clean up after a vendor the vendor will be charged at a rate of $125.00 per hour per person with a 2 hour minimum.
  10. Roll-off dumpsters are permitted with the proper coordination with the concierge, maintenance or manager. The dumpster may be dropped off in the morning and must be removed before 5:00 p.m.  No dumpster may remain overnight. Only the manager may waive this requirement.
  11. Smoke alarms within the unit and in the immediate common property corridor must be covered around work areas.
  12. All floors whether carpet, tile, marble, wood, etc. in the common areas will be protected against damage by the contractor/vendor. Transition areas between carpet and tile will be protected by plywood sheets when using dollies or hand trucks. Failure to do so will result in a $250 fine.
  13. Any work involving flooring, drywall, plumbing and electrical; the contractor must meet with the manager before starting work, be licensed by the Town of Longboat Key and must pull a permit from the town before commencing work.
  14. No work may be done at the Promenade on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.
  15. Specific rest rooms are provided for workers outside the building on the north side. No other common area restrooms are to be used by contractors/vendors. Contractors/vendors will need a keycard to re-enter the building. Check with the concierge for the exact location.
  16. Workers will not use any of the Promenade common areas for lunch breaks. They may eat in the vicinity of their vehicle(s) while on their lunch break and will clean up after themselves.
  17. The pool, spa, beach and beach facilities are off-limits to all workers, contractors and vendors.
  18. All construction materials must be kept out of the halls at all times. Materials are not to be leaned against the hallway walls.
  19. DO NOT wash brushes and/or equipment on Promenade property or in the unit sinks, tubs or toilets. Our drains should not be used for any clean up.
  20. The entry door to an apartment must be kept closed and not allowed to slam when going in and out.  This can happen when balcony doors are left open and a draft occurs as a result.
  21. The Promenade has very specific requirements in the drywall used, tile and grout used, floor sound absorption material and sealants used. Manager-approved material must be used under marble or tile.  Contact the manager for these specifications.
  22.  Floor slabs and ceilings are post-tensioned and cannot be drilled or cut.
  23. There will be no tile or wood cuts on the balcony. Tile or wood cuts may be made in the unit or in a specified vendor area in the northwest corner of the parking garage.
  24. Any modification to the Fire Sprinkler system must be done by the Association’s preferred vendor, Code Red Fire Protection, Inc. Please contact the Concierge for contact information.  The manager may waive this requirement.
  25. The Association has very specific requirements in the removal of tile and mud set tile marble removal.   All contractors must use Bottomzupp Floor Removal (800-513-9877) for removal of flooring, or similar technology approved by the Manager.  Otherwise the removal of tile flooring must be by hand with a Manager-approved chipping hammer.  Notice must be given to the manager at least 72 hours prior to any noise commencing, in order for the office to provide appropriate notice to the residents of the building.
  26. Grocery carts and luggage carts are for owners use only. If you have need of a cart and did not anticipate the need for it, contact the maintenance department through the Concierge desk for assistance.
  27. For any major construction it is required that the toilet bowls in all bathrooms be removed and capped. These caps must remain in place for the duration of the construction.  Periodic inspections will be conducted, if the caps are removed without authorization there will be a fine of $250.
  28. Smoking on the premises or balconies is not allowed.

This building is the residence of 200+ people and the respectful treatment of their property is as important to them as respectful treatment of property you value is to you. Your cooperation is appreciated in following these rules. Any questions or requests for exceptions must be directed to the manager.